New version 3.0 (May 4th 2021)

New version 3.0 available, with many important new features:

  • Added multiperiod simulation and optimization: iHOGA can consider the increase in load and the decrease of electricity production from the renewable sources during the years of the system lifetime, simulating the real performance of the system during all its lifetime (20-30 years usually) and calculating the real costs and incomes, obtaining the real net present cost (NPC) or net present value (NPV).  It can also consider variable inflation in electricity price during the years and different irradiation and wind speed for each year.
  • Added the optimization (maximization) of the net present value (NPV) for generating systems (grid-connected generators, with or without storage), calculating the internal rate of return (IRR). Also possibility to optimize minimizing the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) in generating systems (sum of present costs, not incomes, during the lifetime, divided by total energy injected in the grid).
  • Added the optimization of the contracted power in grid-connected systems and more options.
  • Added the pumped hydro storage (reversible pump turbine or pump and turbine) with control strategies similar to the grid-connected batteries.