Build 2024/01/18


  • Corrected bug in some cases in simulation of projects with water pump and batteries.
  • Added constraint of maximum unmet load in NPV maximization projects.
  • Added the possibility to consider the generation (transfer) charge for the energy injected to the grid (by default) or for the renewable energy generated.
  • The generation (transfer) charge can be negative, that is, the system would receive money due to the renewable energy generated (in the case there is a state subsidy due to emissions reduction). ​This will be subtracted from the cost of purchasing electricity to the grid.
  • Added the possibility to calculate LCOE in NPV maximizing projects considering the energy sold to the AC grid only (by default) or including the load energy consumed by the system.
  • Improved estimation of computation time.
  • In optimization of energy arbitrage (for batteries, PHS or hydrogen) with two variables, reduced computation time (lower price setpoint can’t be higher than higher setpoint) by default.
  • Fixed minor bugs.