Build 2023/06/20

-Added the calculation of corporate taxes, considering EBIT, interest payment, linear depreciation and amortization.
-Added the possibility to define the inverter-charger power depending on the battery duration wanted, considering only the first inverter-charger of the list.
-In pumped-hydro-storage (PHS), added the possibility to define the water tank or reservoir capacity as the turbine maximum flow multiplied by the duration wanted.
-Added the possibilty to consider the water flow defined in the hydro resource as water inlet in the water tank or reservoir.
-Added more parameters for the electrolyzer electricity consumption and efficiency, with the possibility of obtaining efficiency curves more similar to the real ones.
-Added electrolyzer unavailability in PV systems during night time and in wind systems if there are several consecutive hours with calm wind. After the stop, when the electrolyzer starts again, a cold-start time is considered, and also an extra ageing (in minutes) due to each cold-start.
-Added the possibility to use a fixed value for the hydrogen tank capacity, which is the maximum (in systems where a hydrogen load must be met). In previous versions, the H2 tank capacity was determined at the end of the simulation of each combination, as the minimum necessary.
-Added the possibility to account for the replacement costs of the PV inverter (its own inverter in AC coupled systems), the PV inverter replacement costs will be added to the O&M costs of the PV generator.
-Added ratio rated apparent power / rated active power of the backup generator.
-Added the possibility to update the results table to the present data (simulating again each combination of the results table) when saving the project.
-Added zoom in the electricity price chart which is over the simulation chart (simulation screen)
-Corrected bugs in multi-period optimization of the limitation of the AC power of the PV due to its own inverter.
-Corrected bug when downloading hourly irradiation data from PVGIS, horzontal axis tracking.
-Corrected errors when opening project with sensitivity analysis.
-Corrected bugs with databases changing the currency.
-Corrected bug in optimization of arbitrage with 3 variables (before, in optimization the price limits were < and > and in simulation <= and >=, now both the same, < and >).
-Fixed minor bugs.