New version 3.4

New version 3.4 published in November 22, 2022. News:

  • Added the possibility to consider wake effect in wind turbines.
  • Added the availability (hourly and monthly) for electrolyzer and for fuel cell.
  • Added variable efficiency for the water pump (for PHS and for water supply).
  • Choose power limit for priority to use surplus Energy in pump or in batteries
  • In Excel file obtained in simulation, added column of efficiency of turbine, efficiency of pump and efficiency of electrolyzer (% of HHV).
  • Improved visual effects in graphs, adding checkbox for the different series.
  • In load window the graph includes the water load (in energy pumped) and shows the total average daily energy for each month.
  • In iHOGA high power projects and in MHOGA, added the possibility to connect PV generator and wind turbines to the DC bus.
  • Extended download irradiation/wind/temperature hourly data from PVGIS for all around the world.
  • Changed maximum current in li-ion batteries databases to C/2.
  • Corrected problem with full equivalent cycles model of li-ion batteries when including calendar ageing for cases of very low discharge current.
  • Corrected bugs in some cases with PHS storage.
  • Corrected bugs when showing unmet load in multi-objective optimization.
  • Fixed minor bugs.