Build 2024/05/26

Changes in build 20240526:

  • Added the possibility to import a file with the hourly values of the whole year for the grid power limit.
  • Added another optimization option: minimization of payback period.
  • The user can choose to calculate simple payback period or discounted payback period.
  • In NPC minimization projects, the payback period is calculated comparing our system with to the only AC grid system, taking into account the difference in investment costs and the savings.
  • In NPV minimization projects, the payback period is calculated considering the initial investment of the system and the net incomes.
  • In the report and in the cash flow Excel file, the payback period is shown.
  • In the report, added levelized cost of storage (LCOS) of the batteries.
  • Added the possibility to generate or import PV maintenance shutdown and wind turbines maintenance shutdown hourly files.
  • Added the option not update or not the component when we click in the components’ table, if there is a component with the same name in the database (before it was done always, now it is an option in Project->Options, not done by default).
  • Improved speed when opening a project.
  • Fixed bug when using option of electrolyzer at full load.
  • Fixed minor bugs.